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Michael Ewert

I giardini selvatici della memoria - Tracce di una vetrina
(The wild gardens of memory - Impressions of a shop window)

Curated by Giulia Ticozzi

Michael Ewert is an attentive and sensitive observer who, since 1979, has been recording the progressive changes that Cortona and its people have undergone during the transformation from being a traditional agricultural market town to its present-day status as a luxury tourist destination.

The narrative device adopted by Ewert to symbolise change and the passage of time is the shop window, used as a metaphor for denouncing capitalism and the consumer society which he deems responsible for obliterating all traces of those memories.

In the exhibition, curated by Giulia Ticozzi, we find plumbers, carpenters, gunsmiths, farriers, blacksmiths, stonemasons, artists. Ewert’s work is not intended to be a nostalgic idealisation of the past, while aims to show us the way things were then, and the way things could still be today with just a little revolution in our thoughts and relationships.

Michael Ewert (1947, Hohenstein, Germany) graduated in philosophy. He is a farmer, artist, photographer, writer and occasional taxi driver. He lives in Munich (Bavaria) and in Tecognano, on the hillside of Cortona, where he looks after a hectare (2,5 acres) of olive groves.

©Michael Ewert

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