©Luis Cobelo

Luis Cobelo


This project is a personal tribute to “One Hundred Years of Solitude” which turns 50 years in 2017.

It is a journey through all those feelings or moods around the word ‘zurumbático’ with which Cobelo entered north Colombia, the place where Gabriel García Márquez was born and his masterpiece was constructed.

The work is full of fantasy, reality and mystery. It is the author’s personal approach to a Latin American way of being, and the Márquez’ book is just the starting point. Cobelo discovered that what is considered magical realism does not really exist, things are as they are.

Luis Cobelo (1970, Acarigua, Venezuela) has a degree in Philosophy in Venezuela.

Since 2001 works independently and is dedicated to the production of various projects of documentary photography in Europe, America and Asia that were published in international journals and magazines.

©Luis Cobelo

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