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Francesco Comello

L’isola della salvezza (The Island of Salvation)

Exhibition organised in partnership with FIAF (Italian federation of photo clubs).

FIAF | Federazione Italiana Associazioni Fotografiche

"I discovered a society based on simplicity" says photographer Francesco Comello, describing his journey to ‘the Island of Salvation’ - the Yaroslav community in Russia, founded by an orthodox priest on the principal of the Saints and the Gospel. Yaroslov is a community of paupers, misfits and outcasts where time stands still and an ancestral tribal dimension prevails over the island. Comello's images are gentle, poetic and musical. Saturated with symbolism and metaphore, his work shows a deep involvement with his subject which he constructs with considerable research and minimal reportage.

"The overriding values of this community are God and Country" says Comello. "An enlightening, utopian society that is out of time but steeped in history, where the flame of hope is fuelled by each member's commitment to personal evolution and harmonious growth".

Francesco Comello (1963, Udine, Italy) became a freelance photogapher in 1996 after many years working for studios and photo agencies.

He has had numerous collective and solo exhibitions in Italy and Russia and his work has received much recognition throughout his career, including 3rd place in the Daily Life Stories of World Press Photo 2017 and the World Report Award 2016 at the Festival of Ethical Photography of Lodi (Italy). He is the finalist of the Portfolio Italia Award.

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