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Farshid Tighehsaz

From Labyrinth


My project is about the fears and effects of the Islamic revolution and the impact of 8 years of war on its later generations.

Being young in Iran means limitation. A limitation in which religion affects politics, art, culture, diversion, economy, education, clothing, speaking, behavior, femalehood, malehood, connections and life. Whenever I try to find my identity I inevitably get involved with my society and I look for myself in everyone; in the lives of my friends and people around me. In this quest I found some resemblances. I found fear. The fear of future, the fear of annihilation, the fear of sexuality, the fear of loneliness, the fear of nobody being around and the fear of not being happy.

Farshid Tighehsaz (1987) is a freelance photographer based in Iran. He studied General Psychology in university and took up photography after the death of his father who was an amateur photographer.

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