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Donna Ferrato

American Woman: 40 Years (1970s-2010s)

A four-decade-long journey: that of the American woman and of Donna Ferrato’s life and career. “American Woman” is the first time that photographs from Ferrato’s domestic violence, personal, and swingers’ archives are brought together into one exhibition.

The photographs never condemn the women in them; if there is condemnation it is for the role society has constructed for them. The images are a study of the objectifying male gaze, as well as the female gaze—Ferrato’s own. They show the links between sex, love, and violence.

“American Woman” is broken up into three general time periods and themes following Ferrato’s career as a photographer and the changing roles women have undergone in the United States since the 1970s: a journey through women’s liberation, submissiveness and ultimate awakening.

Donna Ferrato (1949, Waltham, Massachusetts, US) is an internationally-known documentary photographer. Her gifts for exploration, illumination, and documentation coupled with a commitment to revealing the darker sides of humanity, have made her a giant in the medium.

She has four books including “Living with the Enemy” which sold over 40,000 copies, and “Love & Lust”, published by Aperture, and numerous awards to her commitment and activism as a photographer and a women. She founded a non-profit called Domestic Abuse Awareness which she ran for over a decade and in 2014 launched a campaign called “I Am Unbeatable”, which features women who have left their abusers.

Currently, Ferrato is documenting her rapidly changing New York neighborhood of Tribeca for a new book, and leads international experimental workshops called “The Erotic Eye”.

©Donna Ferrato

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