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Antoine Bruy

Outback Mythologies: The White Man's Hole


Everything starts about hundred years ago, in 1915, when the New Colorado Gold Prospecting Syndicate, consisting of four men had been unsuccessfully prospecting for gold out in the middle of nowhere in South Australia.

On the 9th of February that year, they pegged the first opal claim. Word of the find spread quickly and by the middle of 1916, miners had moved to the area: the catalyst for the existence of the future town of Coober Pedy had been discovered.

Today, the mining enclave seems totally disaster-stricken. And yet, some of its inhabitants have taken up residence underground, in artifact concretions called dug-out. The population is the guardian of myriad holes like as many thousand stories. It is estimated that around 750,000 to 3 million holes have been dug around the city.

Antoine Bruy (1986) is a French photographer graduated from the Vevey School of Photography in Switzerland in 2011. His work studies people and their relationship to privacy, their physical environment, and to the economic and intellectual conditions that determine them.

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