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Adam Ferguson

The Afghans

As the war in Afghanistan winds into its seventeenth year, life for the Afghans has become more adverse than ever.

Civilians are wounded daily, caught in the crossfire of between government forces supported by the US and Taliban and other insurgent groups. Poverty is endemic. Young Afghans flee the country in search of a better life and Amnesty International estimates that more than 1,2 million people have been displaced by conflict. In 2016 Adam Ferguson meandered the street of Kabul making portraits of people with a flash, attempting to present a population caught in a state of uncertainty.

Adam Ferguson (1978, News South Wales, Australia) lives in New York.

He realized a sustained survey of the US-led military occupation of Afghanistan. Ferguson has also worked in Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Palestinian Territories, Greece, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Pakistan, Kenya, Egypt and Australia, among others.

©Adam Ferguson

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