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Photoshop Post Production

July 29/30 2017

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This is a 2-day course with 2 modules each day (morning/afternoon). The aim is to teach a series of post-production techniques that are difficult, or impossible to do outside of Photoshop (using just Lightroom or Camera Raw for example). For this course you need to have a basic knowledge of Photoshop: organising and managing layers, basic competence with adjustments (i.e. tone values, hue/saturation) and filters (i.e. blur control). All the other features will discussed during the course itself. Students are advised to bring a laptop with Photoshop installed (any version will do) so they can put the techniques they learn into practice.

Module I: Calibrating and creating a profile for your monitor

This is absolutely critical for faithfully reproducing an image on your screen. It involves colour management (and not colour correction) from a practical point of view, with specific application to photography, since there is much confusion on this subject. We will also examine specific settings for Photoshop and the management of file colour profiles.

Module II: Numerical measurement of colour: basic colour correction

You can't trust your eyesight to evaluate the colours in an image, but there are objective techniques for assessing colour using the LAB method, which many people think is complicated, but in actual fact is far easier to use than you imagine. Thanks to numerical colour measurement, most of the time you can plot and carry out all the necessary actions for correcting an image just by using the Curves tool, which will be explained in detail.

Module III: Selection techniques based on channels

Channels are the constituent elements of all digital images. They frequently contain selections that are basically ready-to-use, allowing you achieve optimal results rapidly. This module will look at the use of layer masks as a non-destructive alternative to selections. It will then show you how to create a layer mask from a specific channel and tune it using Photoshop's powerful tools.

Module IV: Image corrections and creative actions

A selection of sample images will be presented to students for practising the techniques they learned in the previous modules, with the aim of constructing a small, first-aid "toolbox" to be used as an alternative to, or to complement your preferred workflow.

Summary details:

Date: July 29/30 2017
Time: 9.30am-1pm/3pm-6pm
Price: 150€
10% discount: FIAF members, students, Canon newsletter subscribers, IED students, Eizo clients, students of photography schools, Visura members
15% discount: 15% discount if you acquire more than 3 workshops
Minimum number participants: 8
Maximum number participants: 20
The workshop is addressed to: professional and not professional photographers
Language: Italian / The presence of a translator is not provided.
What you need: a laptop with Photoshop installed
Where: Fortezza del Girifalco, Cortona

Registration to the workshop

  • Booking and payment details: after filling in your workshop application form you will receive an email with paymentinstructions. If you apply for a discount, we may ask for additional proof to show you are eligible.
  • Info: for enrollment, further details and help to find an accommodation in Cortona, write to Jonathan: summerschoolcotm@gmail.com.
  • Cancellation: full reimbursement of the course fee is only possible if the tutor is unable to attend.

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