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Winner with publication and an exhibition at COTM19:

Are they rocks or clouds? Designed by Marina Caneve

Call for dummy


For the third year running we renew our invitation to all photographers, professional and amateur alike, to submit their dummies for participation in our Photobook Prize.

To take part in the call all you have to do is send in your dummy photobook exactly as you would to an established publishing house. The dummy should be as near as possible to its final version, both in appearance and materials used (paper type, font type, colours, format etc), and it must be possible to bring the work to final production using traditional publishing methods and techniques for mass production.

The expert who will select the best dummy for this edition of our Photobook Prize is Lesley Martin of Aperture, the publishing house and non-profit foundation which connects the photo community through its multi-platform program. On July 14th, Lesley Martin will discuss the finalists’ projects in public at Cortona On The Move 2018, and will also declare the winner, whose prize will be the production and publication of the winning dummy, plus an exhibition of the work in COTM 2019.

How to apply

Send in your dummy using BOTH of the following methods (A and B):

1. A. by trackable courier post to the following address:
ONTHEMOVE Associazione Culturale
Atn. Photobook Prize
Via Roma 31
52044 Cortona (AR)

Your parcel must contain:
– The hard paper copy of your dummy book
– Your signed and fully completed application form (in English) (download here)

2. B. via WeTransfer to the following email address: dummy@cortonaonthemove.com with the words
“Photobook Prize” in the subject line. The transfer must include:

– a PDF copy of your dummy (a standard PDF file composed of continuous individual pages including the front cover page and the back page)
– an image of the dummy book cover at 1:1 scale, in Jpeg format at 300 dpi.
– your signed and fully completed application form (in English) (download here)



  • Each photographer (individual or collective) can enter only one project
  • Your application must be written in English, but your dummy must be in the original language
  • By submitting your signed application you agree to accept our terms and conditions in full. Each participant will receive an email confirming receipt of the completed application form (for both versions, emailed and hard copy).

in short

Starts: May 14, 2018

Ends: June 17, 2018 at 23:59 CET (June 17 at 14:59 PST)

Winner announcement: July 14, 2018

Entry fee: gratis

2017 Edition

Loulou D’Aki “Make a Wish”

2016 Edition

Miyuki Okuyama